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I don’t know why you should be sorry,” she retorted a little anxiously, “but I am engaged to Mr. Turveydrop, whether or no, and he is very fond of me. It’s a secret as yet, even on his side, because old Mr. Turveydrop has a share in the connexion and it might break his heart or give him some other shock if he was told of it abruptly. Old Mr. Turveydrop is a very gentlemanly man indeed–very gentlemanly.

We were here interrupted by Peepy, whose leg had undergone so much on account of his sister’s unconsciously jerking it like a bell- rope whenever she was emphatic that the afflicted child now bemoaned his sufferings with a very low-spirited noise. As he appealed to me for compassion, and as I was only a listener, I undertook to hold him. Miss Jellyby proceeded, after begging Peepy’s pardon with a kiss and assuring him that she hadn’t meant to do it.

“That’s the state of the case,” said Caddy. “If I ever blame myself, I still think it’s Ma’s fault. We are to be married whenever we can, and then I shall go to Pa at the office and write to Ma. It won’t much agitate Ma; I am only pen and ink to HER. One great comfort is,” said Caddy with a sob, “that I shall never hear of Africa after I am married. Young Mr. Turveydrop hates it for my sake, and if old Mr. Turveydrop knows there is such a place, it’s as much as he does.”

Caddy went on to say with considerable hesitation and reluctance that there was one thing more she wished us to know, and felt we ought to know, and which she hoped would not offend us. It was that she had improved her acquaintance with Miss Flite, the little crazy old lady, and that she frequently went there early in the morning and met her lover for a few minutes before breakfast–only for a few minutes. “I go there at other times,” said Caddy, “but Prince does not come sustanon 250 for sale then. Young Mr. Turveydrop’s name is Prince; I wish it wasn’t, because it sounds like a dog, but of course he didn’t christen himself. Old Mr. Turveydrop had him christened Prince in remembrance of the Prince Regent. Old Mr. Turveydrop adored the Prince Regent on account of his deportment. I hope you won’t think the worse of me for having made these little appointments at Miss Flite’s, where I first went with you, because I like the poor thing for her own sake and I believe she likes me. If you could see young Mr. Turveydrop, I am sure you would think well of him–at least, I am sure you couldn’t possibly think any ill of him. I am going there now for my lesson. I couldn’t ask you to go with me, Miss Summerson; but if you would,” said Caddy, who had said all this earnestly and tremblingly, “I should be very glad–very glad.

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Oh, we can do it very nicely. You see we are both engaged and that makes it very easy. Harold will do what you ask him, especially as you have told him the reason why, and my Charles will do it without even wanting to know the reason. Now you know what Mrs. Westmacott thinks about the reserve of young ladies. Mere prudery, affectation, and a relic of the dark ages of the Zenana. Those were her words, were they not?

But it is needed to clinch the matter. No, no, there is no drawing back now, Clara, or we shall ruin everything. Papa is sure to come back by the 9:45. He will reach the door at 10. We must have everything ready for him. Now, just sit down at once, and ask Harold to come at nine o’clock, and I shall do the same to Charles.

The two invitations were dispatched, received and accepted. Harold was already a confidant, and he understood that clenbuterol usa this was some further development of the plot. As to Charles, he was so accustomed to feminine eccentricity, in the person of his aunt, that the only thing which could surprise him would be a rigid observance of etiquette. At nine o’clock they entered the dining-room of Number 2, to find the master of the house absent, a red-shaded lamp, a snowy cloth, a pleasant little feast, and the two whom they would have chosen, as their companions. A merrier party never met, and the house rang with their laughter and their chatter.

That looks very nice and emancipated,” said Ida, glancing round. “Now I shall lie on this sofa. So! Now, Charles, just sit here, and throw your arm carelessly over the back of the sofa. No, don’t stop smoking. I like it. Clara, dear, put your feet upon the coal-scuttle, and do try to look a little dissipated. I wish we could crown ourselves with flowers. There are some lettuces on the sideboard. Oh dear, here he is! I hear his key.” She began to sing in her high, fresh voice a little snatch from a French song, with a swinging tra la-la chorus.

The Doctor had walked home from the station in a peaceable and relenting frame of mind, feeling that, perhaps, he had said too much in the morning, that his daughters had for years been models in every way, and that, if there had been any change of late, it was, as they said themselves, on account of their anxiety to follow his advice and to imitate Mrs. Westmacott. He could see clearly enough now that that advice was unwise, and that a world peopled with Mrs. Westmacotts would not be a happy or a soothing one. It was he who was, himself, to blame, and he was grieved by the thought that perhaps his hot words had troubled and saddened his two girls.

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The little white clouds are racing over the sky, And the fields are strewn with the gold of the flower of March, The daffodil breaks under foot, and the tasselled larch Sways and swings as the thrush goes hurrying by.

A delicate odour is borne on the wings of the morning breeze, The odour of deep wet grass, and of brown new-furrowed earth, The birds are singing for joy of the Spring’s glad birth, Hopping from branch to branch on the rocking trees.

And all the woods are alive with the murmur and sound of Spring, And the rose-bud breaks into pink on the climbing briar, And the crocus-bed is a quivering moon of fire Girdled round with the belt of an amethyst ring.

And the plane to the pine-tree is whispering some tale of love Till it rustles with laughter and tosses its mantle of green, And the gloom of the wych-elm’s hollow is lit with the iris sheen Of the burnished rainbow throat and the silver breast of a dove.

See! the lark starts up from his bed in the meadow there, Breaking the gossamer threads and the nets of dew, And flashing adown the river, a flame of blue! The kingfisher flies like an arrow, and wounds the air.

To that gaunt House of Art which lacks for naught Of all the great things men have saved from Time, The withered body of a girl was brought Dead ere the world’s glad youth had touched its prime, And seen by lonely Arabs lying hid In the dim womb of some black pyramid.

But when they had unloosed the linen band Which swathed the Egyptian’s body,–lo! was found Closed in the wasted hollow of her hand A little seed, which sown in English ground Did wondrous snow of starry blossoms bear And spread rich odours through our spring-tide air.

With such strange arts this flower did allure That all forgotten was the asphodel, And the brown bee, the lily’s paramour, Forsook the cup where he was wont to dwell, For not a thing of earth it seemed to be, But stolen from some heavenly Arcady.

In vain the sad narcissus, wan and white At its own beauty, hung across the stream, The purple dragon-fly had no delight With its gold dust to make his wings a-gleam, Ah! no delight the jasmine-bloom to fat stripping steroids kiss, Or brush the rain-pearls from the eucharis.

For love of it the passionate nightingale Forgot the hills of Thrace, the cruel king, And the pale dove no longer cared to sail Through the wet woods at time of blossoming, But round this flower of Egypt sought to float, With silvered wing and amethystine throat.

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Das sei immer und überall so gewesen, wo Geldgier und Faulheit größer waren als Verstand und Vernunft. „Die Gescheitesten auf Gottes weiter Erde sind wir Kroaten schon in früheren Jahrhunderten nicht gewesen, weil wir für andere Leute und fremde Interessen Blut und Leben hingegeben, dafür keine Entschädigung, nicht mal ein Dankeswort erhalten haben. Leute von Krašić! Zeiget doch ihr, daß wir nicht die Dümmsten von Kroatien sind! Ein bissel dumm sein, ist ja ganz nett und bekömmlich für Leib und Seele! Aber die Allerdümmsten wollen wir nicht sein! Wir sind es aber, wenn wir auf ein Gesetz pochen, das noch nicht Gesetzeskraft erlangt hat, weil der Kaiser-König es noch nicht sanktioniert hat. Es muß das Neuntel von Getreide und Heu gegeben werden, weil der Monarch die Bauern noch nicht von dieser Abgabenpflicht befreit hat! Sobald das geschehen ist, das Gesetz rechtskräftig geworden ist, bin ich der erste, der es verkündigen und euch auffordern wird, der Grundherrschaft das Neuntel und Zehntel zu verweigern! Bis jetzt sind wir noch nicht so weit: wir müssen zinsen! Seid vernünftig, Männer von Krašić!“

Ein Gepolter machte den Kanzelredner stutzig. Der Pfarrer hielt inne und guckte betroffen auf die Bauern, die rücksichtslos aus den Kirchenstühlen traten, in Haufen das Gotteshaus verließen. Nur Weiber und Kinder blieben beim greisen Pfarrer zurück, der die Predigt jäh beendete und tiefbetrübt den Gottesdienst fortsetzte.

Unter der duftenden Linde versammelten sich die Dörfler von Krašić zum Schwur, alle Abgaben der Grundherrschaft zu verweigern, die „Blutsauger“ (Beamten) mit Gewalt zu vertreiben, wenn nötig totzuschlagen. Denn damit sei der Kaiser-König einverstanden, der die alten Rechte (stare pravice) erneuerte und der Bauernschinderei ein Ende gemacht habe.

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Gegen den greisen Pfarrer fiel kein Wort; die Verehrung saß tief genug, die Dankbarkeit wurzelte so fest, daß einer der Hetzer aus Karlstadt, der zu einer Art „Katzenmusik“ vor dem Widum auffordern wollte, regelrecht verprügelt und aus dem Bereich der heiligen Linde entfernt wurde. Und nach Beendigung der Versammlung unter der Linde ging der Starešina zum greisen Pfarrer und bat um Verzeihung, daß die Bauern so rappelköpfisch während der Predigt die Kirche verlassen hatten.

Der Starešina ging nach Karlstadt und fragte bei der Vizegespanschaft an, ob das Urbanialgesetz sanktioniert worden sei. Er kam mit dem betrübenden Bescheid zurück, daß bis auf weiteres alles beim alten bleibe, also das Neuntel der Ernte gezinst werden müsse, widrigenfalls die bockbeinigen Bauern mit Gewalt dazu gezwungen würden. Alle Bauern, nicht nur die von Krašić!

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The watch had made no mistake. In the afternoon we sighted masses, islets they might be called, of ice, drifting slowly southward, but these were not yet of considerable extent or altitude. These packs were easy to avoid; they could not interfere with the sailing of the Halbrane. But, although the wind had hitherto permitted her to keep on her course, she was not advancing, and it was exceedingly disagreeable to be rolling about in a rough and hollow sea which struck our ship’s sides most unpleasantly.

Fortunately, the cargo could not be displaced, the stowage having been effected with perfect forecast of nautical eventualities. We had not to dread the fate of the Grampus, which was lost owing to negligence in her lading. It will be remembered that the brig turned bottom upwards, and that Arthur Pym and Dirk Peters remained for several days crouching on its keel.

Besides, the schooner’s pumps did not give a drop of water; the ship was perfectly sound in every part, owing to the efficient repairs that had been done during our stay at the Falklands. The temperature had fallen rapidly, and hail, rain, and snow thickened and darkened the air. At ten o’clock in the evening—I must use this word, although the sun remained always above the horizon—the tempest increased, and the captain and his lieutenant, almost unable to hear each other’s voices amid the elemental strife, communicated mostly by gestures, which is as good a mode as speech between sailors.

I could not make up my mind to retire to my cabin, and, seeking the shelter of the roundhouse, I remained on deck, observing the weather phenomena, and the skill, certainty, celerity, and effect with which the crew carried out the orders of the captain and West. It was a strange and terrible experience for a landsman, even one who had seen so much of the sea and seamanship as I had. At the moment of a certain difficult manoeuvre, four men had to climb to the crossbars of the fore-mast in order to reef the mainsail. The first who sprang to the ratlines was Hunt. The second was Martin Holt; Burry and one of the recruits followed them. I could not have believed that any man could display such skill and agility as Hunt’s. His hands and feet hardly caught the ratlines. Having reached the crossbars first, he stretched himself on the ropes to the end of the yard, while Holt went to the other end, and the two recruits remained in the middle.

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Every man carries Two Bags about with him, one in front and one behind, and both are packed full of faults. The Bag in front contains his neighbours’ faults, the one behind his own. Hence it is that men do not see their own faults, but never fail to see those of others.

A pair of Oxen were drawing a heavily loaded waggon along the highway, and, as they tugged and strained at the yoke, the Axletrees creaked and groaned terribly. This was too much for the Oxen, who turned round indignantly and said, “Hullo, you there! Why do you make such a noise when we do all the work?

A Boy put his hand into a jar of Filberts, and grasped as many as his fist could possibly hold. But when he tried to pull it out again, he found he couldn’t do so, for the neck of the jar was too small to allow of the passage of so large a handful. Unwilling to lose his nuts but unable to withdraw his hand, he burst into tears. A bystander, who saw where the trouble lay, said to him, “Come, my boy, don’t be so greedy: be content with half the amount, and you’ll be able to get your hand out without difficulty.

Time was when the Frogs were discontented because they had no one to rule over them: so they sent a deputation to Jupiter to ask him to give them a King. Jupiter, despising the folly of their request, cast a log into the pool where they lived, and said that that should be their King. The Frogs were terrified at first by the splash, and scuttled away into the deepest parts of the pool; but by and by, when they saw that the log remained motionless, one by one they ventured to the surface again, and before long, growing bolder, they began to feel such contempt for it that they even took to sitting upon it. Thinking that a King of that sort was an insult to their dignity, they sent to Jupiter a second time, and begged him to take away the sluggish King he had given them, and to give them another and a better one. Jupiter, annoyed at being pestered in this way, sent a Stork to rule over them, who no sooner arrived among them than he began to catch and eat the Frogs as fast as he could.

An Olive-tree taunted a Fig-tree with the loss of her leaves at a certain season of the year. “You,” she said, “lose your leaves every autumn, and are bare till the spring: whereas I, as you see, remain green and flourishing all the year round.” Soon afterwards there came a heavy fall of snow, which settled on the leaves of the Olive so that she bent and broke under the weight; but the flakes fell harmlessly through the bare branches of the Fig, which survived to bear many another crop.

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Humph! I see one thing,” said Carton. “I hold another card, Mr. Barsad. Impossible, here in raging Paris, with Suspicion filling the air, for you to outlive denunciation, when you are in communication with another aristocratic spy of the same antecedents as yourself, who, moreover, has the mystery about him of having feigned death and come to life again! A plot in the prisons, of the foreigner against the Republic. A strong card–a certain Guillotine card! Do you play?”

No!” returned the spy. “I throw up. I confess that we were so unpopular with the outrageous mob, that I only got away from England at the risk of being ducked to death, and that Cly was so ferreted up and down, that he never would have got away at all but for that sham. Though how this man knows it was a sham, is a wonder of wonders to me.”

Never you trouble your head about this man,” retorted the contentious Mr. Cruncher; “you’ll have trouble enough with giving your attention to that gentleman. And look here! Once more!”– Mr. Cruncher could not be restrained from making rather an ostentatious parade of his liberality–”I’d catch hold of your throat and choke you for half a guinea.

The Sheep of the prisons turned from him to Sydney Carton, and said, with more decision, “It has come to a point. I go on duty soon, and can’t overstay my time. You told me you had a proposal; what is it? Now, it is of no use asking too much of me. Ask me to do anything in my office, putting my head in great extra danger, and I had better trust my life to the chances of a refusal than the chances of consent. In short, I should make that choice. You talk of desperation. We are all how to inject steroids desperate here. Remember! I may denounce you if I think proper, and I can swear my way through stone walls, and so can others. Now, what do you want with me?

While Sydney Carton and the Sheep of the prisons were in the adjoining dark room, speaking so low that not a sound was heard, Mr. Lorry looked at Jerry in considerable doubt and mistrust. That honest tradesman’s manner of receiving the look, did not inspire confidence; he changed the leg on which he rested, as often as if he had fifty of those limbs, and were trying them all; he examined his finger-nails with a very questionable closeness of attention; and whenever Mr. Lorry’s eye caught his, he was taken with that peculiar kind of short cough requiring the hollow of a hand before it, which is seldom, if ever, known to be an infirmity attendant on perfect openness of character.

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Die „vergnügenssüchtigen“ berauschten Herren der Schöpfung schlichen barfuß in die Frauengemächer und schmuggelten sich in die — ausgelosten Betten. Wurde von einer oder der anderen Frau der schmähliche Betrug irgendwie erkannt und Lärm geschlagen, so flüchteten die Herren sofort aus den Stuben, bevor Licht erzeugt werden konnte. „Dank“ Feuerstein und Schwefelfaden, der Langsamkeit, mit diesen Hilfsmitteln Licht zu machen, vermochten sich die „Witzbolde“ rechtzeitig in Sicherheit zu bringen. Und dies des öfteren!

Wegen dieses „witzigen Frauenspieles“, das noch immer in der Erinnerung lebt und auch mir im Jahre 1912 in Kroatien erzählt wurde, hat Dr. von Tkalac um 1840 einen seiner Verwandten interpelliert, der an diesem „Weibertausch“ damals „aktiv“ beteiligt war. Die Antwort ist in Tkalac „Jugenderinnerungen“ wie folgt festgehalten: „Was willst du, es war eine tolle Zeit! Da wir beinahe alle Hörner trugen und dabei keiner erfuhr, wer von uns ihn damit gekrönt hatte, war es das klügste, zu schweigen. Hätten wir uns alle etwa wie die närrischen Franzosen schlagen und gegenseitig niedersäbeln sollen? Was nun einmal geschehen war, konnte man doch nicht ungeschehen machen. Und wenn die Frauen keinen Lärm schlugen, mußte man annehmen, daß sie … zufrieden waren.“

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Auf die tolle Zeit folgte 1817 eine schreckliche allgemeine Hungersnot und bitterste Verarmung. Der Wucher kam zu höchster Blüte und richtete besonders die Grundbesitzer völlig zugrunde. Um sich über Wasser zu halten, nahmen sie nominell zu zehn und zwölf vom Hundert Geld auf, und da sie nicht mit Bargeld zurückzahlen konnten, zahlten sie in Naturalien — Wein, Getreide, Pflaumen (zum Branntweinbrennen), Heu, Bau- und Brennholz — , die ihre Gläubiger ihnen zu wahren Spottpreisen abkauften, wodurch sich die Zinsen auf dreißig und vierzig Prozent erhöhten. Oder die Grundbesitzer suchten sich dadurch zu helfen, daß sie einen Teil ihres Allodialbesitzes oder ihrer Untertanen mit Haus und Grundstücken verpfändeten, so daß manchem Grundbesitzer, der fünfzig und mehr Untertanenhäuser besessen hatte, schließlich nur fünf oder sechs übrigblieben, mit denen er außerstande war, sein Gut zu bewirtschaften, und deshalb gänzlich verarmen[13] mußte.

Erst der neue Staatsbankrott von 1817 mit der fürchterlichen Hungersnot konnte die Menschen ernüchtern und dem gedankenlosen „lustigen“ Leben ein trauriges Ende bereiten. Für die meisten war es schon zu spät. Die wenigen, die sich aus dem allgemeinen Schiffbruch retteten, waren zur größten Einschränkung ihrer Bedürfnisse genötigt….

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Yes, but they count also. Now, in the matter of money, I feel that every husband should allow his wife a yearly sum of her own, to be paid over to her, and kept by her, so that she may make her own arrangements for herself. It is degrading to a woman to have to apply to her husband every time she wants a sovereign. On the other hand, if the wife has any money, she should have the spending of it. If she chooses to spend part of it in helping the establishment, that is all right, but I am sure that she should have her own separate account, and her own control of it.

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On an average, I have no doubt that it costs threepence a day. Come now, confess that it does. Do you know what threepence a day comes to in a year? There is no use in having an accountant for a husband, if you can’t get at figures easily. It is four pounds eleven shillings and threepence.

But for that money, and less, one could become a member of the London Library, with the right to take out fifteen books at a time, and all the world’s literature to draw from. Now just picture it: on one side, all the books in the world, all the words of the wise, and great, and witty; on the other side, a lot of cauliflowers and vegetable-marrows and French beans. Which is the better bargain?

I know I do. It seems an obvious thing to do when the pudding is there in front of me. But if it were not there, I should neither eat it nor miss it, and I know that you care nothing about it. There would be another five or six pounds a year.

I don’t think money causes happiness. But debt causes unhappiness. And so we must cut down every expense until we have a reserve fund to meet any unexpected call. If you see any way in which I could save, or any money I spend which you think is unjustifiable, I do wish that you would tell me. I got into careless ways in my bachelor days.

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The inquiry occupied a pretty long time – more than a year. While it was going on, King Edward took the opportunity of making a journey through Scotland, and calling upon the Scottish people of all degrees to acknowledge themselves his vassals, or be imprisoned until they did. In the meanwhile, Commissioners were appointed to conduct the inquiry, a Parliament was held at Berwick about it, the two claimants were heard at full length, and there was a vast amount of talking. At last, in the great hall of the Castle of Berwick, the King gave judgment in favour of John Baliol: who, consenting to receive his crown by the King of England’s favour and permission, was crowned at Scone, in an old stone chair which had been used for ages in the abbey there, at the coronations of Scottish Kings. Then, King Edward caused the great seal of Scotland, used since the late King’s death, to be broken in four pieces, and placed in the English Treasury; and considered that he now had Scotland (according to the common saying) under his thumb.

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Scotland had a strong will of its own yet, however. King Edward, determined that the Scottish King should not forget he was his vassal, summoned him repeatedly to come and defend himself and his judges before the English Parliament when appeals from the decisions of Scottish courts of justice were being heard. At length, John Baliol, who had no great heart of his own, had so much heart put into him by the brave spirit of the Scottish people, who took this as a national insult, that he refused to come any more. Thereupon, the King further required him to help him in his war abroad (which was then in progress), and to give up, as security for his good behaviour in future, the three strong Scottish Castles of Jedburgh, Roxburgh, and Berwick. Nothing of this being done; on the contrary, the Scottish people concealing their King among their mountains in the Highlands and showing a determination to resist; Edward marched to Berwick with an army of thirty thousand foot, and four thousand horse; took the Castle, and slew its whole garrison, and the inhabitants of the town as well – men, women, and children. LORD WARRENNE, Earl of Surrey, then went on to the Castle of Dunbar, before which a battle was fought, and the whole Scottish army defeated with great slaughter. The victory being complete, the Earl of Surrey was left as guardian of Scotland; the principal offices in that kingdom were given to Englishmen; the more powerful Scottish Nobles were obliged to come and live in England; the Scottish crown and sceptre were brought away; and even the old stone chair was carried off and placed in Westminster Abbey, where you may see it now. Baliol had the Tower of London lent him for a residence, with permission to range about within a circle of twenty miles. Three years afterwards he was allowed to go to Normandy, where he had estates, and where he passed the remaining six years of his life: far more happily, I dare say, than he had lived for a long while in angry Scotland.

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