Essentials of web designing

I do not think users should wait or read

Here web design, hard truth: Most users have the attention span to two years old child.

There web design information and choices on the internet, you have a very short window to gain the interest of the user before your site is sacrificed for the next weakest link interesting.

The best way to solve this problem is to make things easier for the user. Be introduced in one or two lines that do not require a lot of reading and thinking and web design to start immediately.

In the pictures below, Ning did a great job of quickly identifying its offer “Create Your Own Social Network for Anything”, ┬áthen dives directly into the two text boxes and “Create” button will instantly locate the users involved.

Similarly, people carbonated software, be sure to “Contact us” and “contact us” buttons are just below their simple sentence description of what they do.

Lead the development and movement

Users do not scan web pages in a linear rather than take the time to read and view everything on one page. This is why it is up to you to grab their attention in a short time allocated for you and what is most important or attractive their offer.

In fact, the conventional method 1 -2 – 3-speed applies to the exposure tool or description of the processes work great for digging the attention of users on the site and take up the call to action button.

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